27 Best Lex Fridman Quotes (Insightful Quotes)

lex fridman quotes

Lex Fridman is a computer scientist, an AI researcher, and a teacher at MIT.

He is well-known for his YouTube channel and podcast, where he interviews guests in a variety of fields like sports, economics, science, finance, crypto, and more…

His podcast is well worth listening to if you have not already. We can learn a lot from Lex Fridman’s positive attitude.

Here are the best 28 Lex Fridman quotes we’ve gathered from his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

29 Lex Fridman Quotes

#1. People need love more than they need advice. Most people know the right thing to do, they just need someone to believe in them.” – Lex Fridman

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#2. “When you turn your back on the voices of those who are in pain and who are angry, you breed hate. Love is the way out, not hate. – Lex Fridman

“People need love more than they need advice. Most people know the right thing to do, they just need someone to believe in them

#3. Kindness and empathy is not weakness, it’s strength.” – Lex Fridman


#4. “Resentment and cynicism suffocate the human spirit. Choose optimism, and fight for the best possible future you can imagine.” – Lex Fridman.

lex fridman quotes

#5. “There are a lot of hours in a day, plenty to get stuff done if you focus.” – Lex Fridman

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#6. “Sometimes it feels like ideas come from outside the mind.” – Lex Fridman

lex fridman quotes

#7. “Truth. If you’re struggling, stay strong and keep fighting! We’re in this together.” – Lex Fridman

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#8. “Execution is hard.”- Lex Fridman

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#9. “Being an adult is overrated. I refuse to grow up.” – Lex Fridman

lex fridman quotes

#10. “School should inspire not just educate.” – Lex Fridman

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#11. “Everything worth having requires sacrifice.” – Lex Fridman


#12. “Complain less. Build more.” – Lex Fridman

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#13. “Life can end at any moment.” – Lex Fridman


#14. “Noone is perfect. If you look for the bad you will find it. If you look for the good, you will find it. Choose wisely what you look for.” – Lex Fridman


#15. “Consciousness is more important than intelligence.” – Lex Fridman


#16. “We humans are better at pointing out the elephants in other rooms than in our own.“ -Lex Fridman


#17. “One person can change the world. That person can be you.” – Lex Fridman



#19. “Money, power, and fame seem to often reveal the ture character of people, the best and the worst.” -Lex Fridman

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#20. “People value freedom, love. Institution value power, control. I hope the people win.” Lex Fridman

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#21. “School should teach how to think more than what to think.” Lex Fridman

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#22. “Optimism is fuel for innovation.” -Lex Fridman


#23. “Good execution is more important than a good idea. But one helps the other.” -Lex Fridman

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#24. “Most of us are politically in the middle. Don’t let the far left or far right convince you otherwise.” – Lex Fridman


#25. “Truth is a process not a final destination. The former requires humility and curiosity. The latter dogmatic certainty. There’s always more nuance and wisdom to discover, through empathy and reason.” – Lex Fridman

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#26. “Silencing ‘wrong’ ideas will eventually destroy our ability to discover the truth.” – Lex Fridman

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#27. “Cynicism destroys. Optimism creates.” – Lex Fridman.


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